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Ain’t Nothin’ Change by Ses Da Great

Ses Da Great is emerging as the voice of a small city (<30,000) in the middle of the Catskills whose violent crime rate doubles that of New York City’s. Before meeting this artist, all I knew about Newburgh, NY was that it was located somewhere in between Albany and NYC, and Orange County Choppers was filmed around there. “Ain’t Nothin’ Change” will drop you right into to the heart of Newburgh’s hood as Ses lends his people a message as strong as the voice delivering it. He channels the spirits of revolutionaries of the past with his socially conscious rhymes, conveying a message of  “unity, triumph, non-violence, and respect for life” as well as raises awareness for the problems present in his hometown. This particular song is on his Star Power mixtape, a culmination of songs, creatively linked together by Mario samples, which each touch on different parts of his personality

Recently, I got a sneak preview of Ses Da Great’s latest project, Live Great. This project is different. It’s Hip Hop self help. The lyrics and production paint vivid imagery and depict Ses as a superhero to the hood, a divine entity, dropping lyrical nourishment to the masses starved by mainstream music. I’m excited for this release and I’ll be sure to have the link here on when it drops in February.

They say be the change you want to see and Ses is a symbol of the success anyone can achieve, emanating a positive light that could be seen by all of Newburgh and eventually the world.

Hand Gunz High Cypher ft. Zon3 of Fly is Forever

You know my first official post had to be something from out of the camp. Check out the old school style cypher from Hand Gunz High, recruiting Fly is Forever’s Zon3 for the final verse.

Directed by yours truly. Shout out to Dillz and Ses Da Great for the excellent camera work.

Becoming a Man

A few months ago I was on the listening end of a lecture about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. What stood out to me is that he likened the qualities it takes to become a successful entrepreneur with those of being a man. You must be a provider, protector, and producer for yourself and others. This was so relevant because with graduating from college, getting my first real job, and starting two businesses, I am in the midst of becoming both of these.

Finally, I have an official presence on the web that I can call my own. On this site I will share my world with you through original photos, music, and writing. I will also share the works of others and anything I find interesting; this will probably often be relating to tech, food, or something ridiculously funny.

A special thank you goes out to all of my family, friends, and fans. You inspire me daily.

Your future Provider, Protector, and Producer,

Jamel “Intell Hazefield” Mosely