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Kane, KassCrook, Kwamizzle “The _____ Experiment” [Mixtape]

Partake in a study in hip hop conducted by the likes of Kwamizzle, Kane, and KassCrook!

From Kwamizzle’s DunDemWorld – Hip Hop Blog!

Some said it couldn’t be done. Others said it shouldn’t be done. Well, we did it anyway. “The _____ Experiment” put together by Kane, KassCrook, and Kwamizzle is a audio-social test. Its a test that combines: Hip Hop, rap, poetry, and social commentary into a compilation of dynamic imagery.

From the start of the album, “The_Exp” grabs the listener and exclaims “You may want to sit down first…” with spoken word from Poet (featured throughout the album). The _____ Intro perfectly explains the reason for this musical study, but if you don’t get the picture from that all hope isn’t completely lost. The 3 scientists revisit these main topics of discussion all through the album while still keeping listeners entertained with radio-friendly songs like: We Gone, Maintain Control, and By Any Means. 2 of which feature the vocalist DeSean Moore on the hook/chorus. Unhappy Home, Boondocks Theory, 1 Train Cypher, and Sworn Testimony keep the project well rounded and serve as pivotal transitions in the overall story line.

Kane – Higher Learning [Mixtape]

Kane Higher Learning

Hand Gunz High member, Kane’s debut solo project is an ode to some of the finer things in life that we often take for granted… like love, herbal remedies, and the sheer ability to use our brain.


Check out Kane’s videos off of Higher Learning below.

When That Day Comes

Catch The Sun

Beatzbypyro Releasing Beat Tape End January

Later this month, Mob Muzik’s youngest producer, Beatzbypyro, will be releasing his first mixtape full of all instrumentals. I’ve been told that the beats on The Firehouse Vol 1. have been crafted, mixed carefully and are industry quality and radio ready.

This young dude has talent. Check out some of his work on some of Mob Muzik’s previous work and also on his Beatzbypyro YouTube page.

Chaz Money – Money Book

Fresh off of a three city tour with Joe Budden, Chaz Money drops his street album*, “Money Book.”

(*Street album = Thematic content and all original production! though not officially sold and released. Prod. Beatz By Pyro, INFman/Zues Lytning, Intell Hazefield)

When you read the title you may think, “alright, another compilation of self-absorbed, superficial songs talking about how much money and women he has.” Well, what would that say about you if you were to judge it without listening? Sure, it has some of those themes, but this is much more.

“Money Book” as I see it, means “Chaz Money’s Book.” It’s the recording of his rhyme book, which to a rapper can be as personal as a diary. This intimacy is prevalent in numerous songs. In “Money Book Intro” he takes a step back and gives a nod to hip hop legend Rakim, “MJ Ready” connects the significance of his age (23) to the performance of a young Michael Jordan, in “Life Switch” Chaz tells a woman he’s pursuing that leaving her negligent boyfriend is almost as easy as turning off a light, and “Laid Off” is a song about being laid off from his job, but never working harder than he has now (also produced by and featuring me).

A lot of dope content on here. Check it out below.


The Breakthrough Tour with Joe Budden

Mr. Five O’Clock – After You & Thin Line

A departure from the last video I posted, these show that Mr. Five O’Clock can shine over any type of track. Visuals provided by DVA Films.

After You

Thin Line


QuaStar – Something Epic

The curly fro-wielding heartthrob with the slick tongue is back with a mixtape to make you laugh, smile, and cry. Something Epic shows the discord of a young mind in this world. Listening to this tape, you’ll realize the themes are abundant. You’ll hear freestyle tracks like “Paper Stroll” and “People’s Choice”, deep, introspective songs like “Me, Myself, & I”, some tracks fit for the club, and plenty of tracks letting you into her love life. With 25+ joints, this mixtape really is Something Epic! Qua Star is on her grind.


King Dreams – If Tomorrow Never Comes

King Dreams, the name says a couple of things to me. He wants to be seen as the king of his dreams, or he has dreams of being a king. Either way, the duality of this rapper/producer seems to be a theme that manifests itself multiple times in “If Tomorrow Never Comes”. The mixtape is a compilation of some club songs, radio ready hits, and more emotional tracks, where the club songs will have some lyrics of affection and vulnerability, and the emotional tracks, sprinkled with braggadocio. Overall, a great mixtape with dope production, just in time for the summer.

Download If Tomorrow Never Comes.

King Dreams – The King (Intro) / Can You Stand The Rain

Mister Five O’Clock – Pardon The Interruption

The much awaited mixtape from Mister Five O’Clock has dropped.
Download Pardon The Interruption.

Check out the “Barack Hussein” video from the mixtape. One of my favorite lines “Shout out to that GR (Grand Rapids), Trooper, call me VR” haha.

Pardon The Interruption on June 1st

I first introduced you to Mr. 5 O’Clock back in January with the video I directed for his track “Cool Kidd” off of the tape. This week, I got the privilege to get a pre-listen of this Motor City lyricist’s upcoming mixtape, Pardon The Interruption. It sounds like what a mixtape should sound like; a compilation of songs, not necessarily related, but all very appealing, spanning several topics and genres, showing his versatility as not just a rapper, but as an artist. Really dope work.

Keep an eye out for the link on June 1st, 2011.

Here’s “Cool Kidd” in case you missed it.

G. Bag$ Working On Y.F.F.R. 2

Filled with witty punchlines and accounts of the crests and troughs of hood life, the first Y.F.F.R. (Your Favorite Fat Rapper) was received with much acclaim from the internet and underground hip hop communities. Still running off of the steam of this first mixtape, G. Bag$ is now in the studio recording and promoting the second installation, due to be released July 4th of this year. Y.F.F.R. 2 is going to be loosely themed off of the classic movie in the hip hop community, Juice.

Here’s a leaked track from off of the upcoming Y.F.F.R. Part 2: Who’s Got The Juice Edition.

Get the original Y.F.F.R. here.
Download Y.F.F.R. 1.

G. Bag$ records at The Lab Multimedia Studio 314 Delaware Ave. Albany, NY 12205. 518-858-5098

Kwamizzle – Kwam E. Coyote

If you’ve listened to that By Any Means tape then you’ll know that Kwamizzle is the member of Hand Gunz High with the smooth 90′s voice, but modern flow that will smack you with witty yet subtle punchlines. Kwamizzle routinely touches on such a diverse number of topics that you’re guaranteed to want to grab the nearest search engine and do further research; happens to me all the time.

The lyrical anvil, Kwam E. Coyote, is a “loosely themed tale of trying to achieve the seemingly inevitable, success.” Make sure you look out for me on the track “Good Morning,” where we deliver words in a fashion similar to an early morning stream of consciousness exercise.

This is Kwamizzle’s first solo project and the first of three that you should expect out of the Hand Gunz High camp.

Get it here Kwam E. Coyote

Big K.R.I.T. Return of 4Eva

This music makes me want to drive slow in a slab with some 15′s in the trunk. Big K.R.I.T. successfully does this through his smooth production, flow, and southern drawl. This, along with the melodic choruses and verses lend to the cohesiveness and accessibility of the album. I can definitely hear a lot of Outkast influence in Return of 4Eva.

After one listen through, my favorite tracks are “American Rapstar”, “King’s Blue”, “Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Encouraging Racism” and “Time Machine”. I will probably favor different songs once I get it into my car and away from my office desk.

Download here

The and HedAk Clothing: The Love/Hate Mixtape Vol. 3

Aural goods ready for DOWNLOAD.

The story of Love and Hate continues, this time with narration from the movie, A Bronx Tale. Mixed by yours truly.

01. Get In the Car [Skit]
02. Fresh Breath Committee – Why They Do What They Do
03. IMAKEMADBEATS – Twisted Heart / Congratulations ft. MidaZ, Roc C, Mic Geronimo
04. Dumpah! [Skit]
05. Chiddy Bang – The “F*ck You” Remix
06. State of the Artist – You Know Girls ft. Sol
07. Balance – F*ck Love ft. NoOne
08. The Mario Test [Skit]
09. Rapper Big Pooh – Girlfriend [prod. Black Milk]
10. Shad – Telephone [prod. DJ T Lo]
11. VerBS – B*tches [prod. Jlisted]
12. She’s A Pig [Skit]
13. Ghostface Killah – Handcuffin’ Them Hoes ft. Jim Jones [prod. Chino Maurice]
14. JR&PH7 – She Loves Me ft. Shawn Jackson
15. The Door Test [Skit]
16. Skyzoo & Illmind – #allaboutthat
17. QuEST – If You Wanna [Prod. A.I.(ICE)]
18. 3 Great Ones [Skit]
19. The NiceGuys – Somebody ft. Lee Lonn Walker
20. Luck-One – Ribbon [prod. Terry Harris for New Ideah]
21. Black [Skit]
22. Actual Proof – A Letta To Corretta ft. Bird & the Midnight Falcons [prod. Khrysis
23. No Body Cares [Skit]
24. Scholarman – Lighthouse
25. Tabi Bonney – Where We Gonna Go ft Lykke Li [prod. Smiles Davis]

via TheOvun

By Any Means Mixtape – Hand Gunz High

A half a year in the making, the mixtape is finally out. You’re going to like this. By Any Means – HandGunzHigh


Benji Blanco’s sometimes very precise-on-the-beat flow and powerful, crisp voice sound perfect on the boom bapping J Dilla tracks. My favorites on this are the first track, the concert intro sounding “Turn it Up,” and the bouncy “Livin the Life” blessed with a catchy, lush, melodic chorus rapped (and discreetly sung haha) by Ses Da Great.

Won’t take up much hard drive space, but much worth it even if it did.

Download BenjiDilla Vol. 1 for free here.