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D.A. Jay – Must Be Doing Something Right and She Loves Me Not

Check out the latest videos I directed for Joe Boy Productions recording artist, D.A. Jay.

Ses da Great and Intell Hazefield Performance

Chances are you weren’t at RPI’s fashion show this year to see this, so you can check it out here. Ses da Great and Intell Hazefield perform “They Love Me” off of that Live Great mixtape. It doesn’t have the best sound quality, but you can pick up the mixtape at to get a full understanding of the fun, often hilarious lyrics in this track.

By Any Means Mixtape – Hand Gunz High

A half a year in the making, the mixtape is finally out. You’re going to like this. By Any Means – HandGunzHigh

Mr. 5 O’Clock – Cool Kidd

He has a distinctive voice that slices through a beat like a hot knife through butter. Detroit, Michigan’s own, Mr. 5 O’Clock drops some cold rhymes while recording this video in chilly Upstate, NY. Directed by yours truly.

Mr. 5 O’Clock

Hand Gunz High – Start It Up Freestyle ft. Kass Crook

Hand Gunz High release their 2nd music video. This time it’s over Lloyd Bank’s instrumental “Start It Up”. Topics include… Humphrey Bogart, “Kid Dynamite”, politics vs. strippers, and all types of hood matters. Look out for their mixtape “By Any Means”, releasing on February 6. #LyricsStillMatter

Hand Gunz High Cypher ft. Zon3 of Fly is Forever

You know my first official post had to be something from out of the camp. Check out the old school style cypher from Hand Gunz High, recruiting Fly is Forever’s Zon3 for the final verse.

Directed by yours truly. Shout out to Dillz and Ses Da Great for the excellent camera work.

Becoming a Man

A few months ago I was on the listening end of a lecture about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. What stood out to me is that he likened the qualities it takes to become a successful entrepreneur with those of being a man. You must be a provider, protector, and producer for yourself and others. This was so relevant because with graduating from college, getting my first real job, and starting two businesses, I am in the midst of becoming both of these.

Finally, I have an official presence on the web that I can call my own. On this site I will share my world with you through original photos, music, and writing. I will also share the works of others and anything I find interesting; this will probably often be relating to tech, food, or something ridiculously funny.

A special thank you goes out to all of my family, friends, and fans. You inspire me daily.

Your future Provider, Protector, and Producer,

Jamel “Intell Hazefield” Mosely