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G. Bag$ Working On Y.F.F.R. 2

Filled with witty punchlines and accounts of the crests and troughs of hood life, the first Y.F.F.R. (Your Favorite Fat Rapper) was received with much acclaim from the internet and underground hip hop communities. Still running off of the steam of this first mixtape, G. Bag$ is now in the studio recording and promoting the second installation, due to be released July 4th of this year. Y.F.F.R. 2 is going to be loosely themed off of the classic movie in the hip hop community, Juice.

Here’s a leaked track from off of the upcoming Y.F.F.R. Part 2: Who’s Got The Juice Edition.

Get the original Y.F.F.R. here.
Download Y.F.F.R. 1.

G. Bag$ records at The Lab Multimedia Studio 314 Delaware Ave. Albany, NY 12205. 518-858-5098

Commissioner Castro – Castromentals

I can’t explain to you how much respect I have for this producer/DJ. He’s not just a button masher, though I’m sure he’s done his share, Commissioner Castro is a mad scientist with his techniques. You can tell he puts a lot of time into his work and pays close attention to detail when constructing it. I think anyone can appreciate his unique way of chopping, manipulating samples and then layering those with played guitar riffs, smooth, catchy basslines, somber keys, or even his signature sound of sampling a record, chop it up, export it and then re-sampling it. This guy is a genius.

Preview it and then download the full thing to get 3 bonus tracks. Pay like you weigh, or don’t pay at all, it’s worth every cent that you think it is worth. Download the full 17 track instrumental album here.
Commissioner Castro – Castromentals.

Kwamizzle – Kwam E. Coyote

If you’ve listened to that By Any Means tape then you’ll know that Kwamizzle is the member of Hand Gunz High with the smooth 90′s voice, but modern flow that will smack you with witty yet subtle punchlines. Kwamizzle routinely touches on such a diverse number of topics that you’re guaranteed to want to grab the nearest search engine and do further research; happens to me all the time.

The lyrical anvil, Kwam E. Coyote, is a “loosely themed tale of trying to achieve the seemingly inevitable, success.” Make sure you look out for me on the track “Good Morning,” where we deliver words in a fashion similar to an early morning stream of consciousness exercise.

This is Kwamizzle’s first solo project and the first of three that you should expect out of the Hand Gunz High camp.

Get it here Kwam E. Coyote

Big K.R.I.T. Return of 4Eva

This music makes me want to drive slow in a slab with some 15′s in the trunk. Big K.R.I.T. successfully does this through his smooth production, flow, and southern drawl. This, along with the melodic choruses and verses lend to the cohesiveness and accessibility of the album. I can definitely hear a lot of Outkast influence in Return of 4Eva.

After one listen through, my favorite tracks are “American Rapstar”, “King’s Blue”, “Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Encouraging Racism” and “Time Machine”. I will probably favor different songs once I get it into my car and away from my office desk.

Download here

Big K.R.I.T. “Dreamin”

We now have sweet visuals to go along with the introspective lyrics, and smooth flow that Big K.R.I.T. delivers over his latest single “Dreamin”. My favorite line: “I don’t rap about dope nor did I sell it, I guess the story of a country boy just ain’t compelling.”

His mixtape Return of 4Eva which was slated to drop this past Tuesday has now been pushed back to Monday, March 28. It will be entirely produced, mixed and mastered by Big K.R.I.T. Now that’s definitely compelling.

The and HedAk Clothing: The Love/Hate Mixtape Vol. 3

Aural goods ready for DOWNLOAD.

The story of Love and Hate continues, this time with narration from the movie, A Bronx Tale. Mixed by yours truly.

01. Get In the Car [Skit]
02. Fresh Breath Committee – Why They Do What They Do
03. IMAKEMADBEATS – Twisted Heart / Congratulations ft. MidaZ, Roc C, Mic Geronimo
04. Dumpah! [Skit]
05. Chiddy Bang – The “F*ck You” Remix
06. State of the Artist – You Know Girls ft. Sol
07. Balance – F*ck Love ft. NoOne
08. The Mario Test [Skit]
09. Rapper Big Pooh – Girlfriend [prod. Black Milk]
10. Shad – Telephone [prod. DJ T Lo]
11. VerBS – B*tches [prod. Jlisted]
12. She’s A Pig [Skit]
13. Ghostface Killah – Handcuffin’ Them Hoes ft. Jim Jones [prod. Chino Maurice]
14. JR&PH7 – She Loves Me ft. Shawn Jackson
15. The Door Test [Skit]
16. Skyzoo & Illmind – #allaboutthat
17. QuEST – If You Wanna [Prod. A.I.(ICE)]
18. 3 Great Ones [Skit]
19. The NiceGuys – Somebody ft. Lee Lonn Walker
20. Luck-One – Ribbon [prod. Terry Harris for New Ideah]
21. Black [Skit]
22. Actual Proof – A Letta To Corretta ft. Bird & the Midnight Falcons [prod. Khrysis
23. No Body Cares [Skit]
24. Scholarman – Lighthouse
25. Tabi Bonney – Where We Gonna Go ft Lykke Li [prod. Smiles Davis]

via TheOvun

Distant Relatives, Patience and Studio footage

Shame on me for two reasons. One, for not yet owning this album, and two for not knowing Damian Marley is a supremely gifted producer. I bought Welcome to Jamrock when it came out in ’06, and loved it, but I guess I skipped the credits.

The new video for “Patience” is like Kanye’s “Power” on “a hundred thousand trillion”. The lyrics in this song are top notch, but Marley slightly outshines Nas in this one. Shout out to Kwamizzle over at dundemworld for putting me on to this video. Also check out studio footage of Jr. Gong and God’s son below the music video.

Distant Relatives in the studio: Damian “Jr. Gong” Mar

Damian Jr Gong Marley | Myspace Music Videos

J Dilla Donuts Cover

The iconic cover of Donuts, portraying an authentic expression from J Dilla, is a still from MED’s video “Push”. This is raw footage of the video, directed by Andrew Gura. It’s fun to pause it to see if you can get the exact frame of the cover. via Crate Kings.

Dilla Donuts from andrew gura on Vimeo.

By Any Means Mixtape – Hand Gunz High

A half a year in the making, the mixtape is finally out. You’re going to like this. By Any Means – HandGunzHigh

A Quick Lupe Fiasco Rant

Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers drops on March 8, 2011. Seems like a long time since his tweets in the summer saying his album was done huh? Well at least he has a release date and is not in the stalemate with his record company that he describes here.  Here’s the cover art. Anyone else excited?

Now I’m on a Lupe Fiasco YouTube marathon. I’m still in awe that “Dumb It Down” made it to radio with its sophisticated, extended metaphors and far out references. I still get inspired by this song. The metaphors are crazy! For instance, I like Fab, but he’d say something like “since yay tall, I’ve been like Ray Charles/ I don’t see nobody”; dope and straight forward, but also lends explanation to the lyrics which can come off cheesy. But Lupe will say “I’m earless, and I’m peerless, that means I’m eyeless”; he says he’s without hearing or sight, meaning he can’t hear or see his competition, but also he means “peerless” as in without peers, meaning no one is lyrically on his level, whoa. This is followed up by multiple references made back to these statements in this verse and throughout the extent of the song, creating a complicated lyrical web of various themes and topics intersecting at multiple nodes.

A-1 Samples Your Favorite Childhood Shows

The A-1 I’m talking about is not a sauce you use to smother your steak senseless. He is a 20-something-year-old rapper out of San Francisco who pays homage to his favorite childhood shows by sampling some of the theme songs and raps over them. And they’re actually good! I haven’t checked out the mixtape yet, but if it’s as good as these two tracks I just heard, then it’s definitely going into rotation on my playlist. Big ups for A-1 flipping the Pokemon theme song.

Download his album “After School Special” here.