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Mr. Five O’Clock – I Made It

Mr. Five O’Clock gives you a video for “I Made It”. It features footage from his performance opening for Travis Porter.

Pardon The Interruption

Mr. Five O’Clock – After You & Thin Line

A departure from the last video I posted, these show that Mr. Five O’Clock can shine over any type of track. Visuals provided by DVA Films.

After You

Thin Line


Mel-V – Christian Dior

“Damn they don’t make ‘em like this anymore.” Mel-V is a very talented artist/producer. Check out the TWO new videos for his track “Christian Dior.” With both literal and more vague lyrics, the song conveys a feeling of living the good life. I enjoyed the song and both of these videos and would love to see a live set from him.

“Christian Dior” Directed by Milliardo Sophisticado

“Christian Dior” Directed by Wesley Rose

D.A. Jay – Must Be Doing Something Right and She Loves Me Not

Check out the latest videos I directed for Joe Boy Productions recording artist, D.A. Jay.

Hopes High – Move Stop Wait

Truth be told, I was never much of a fan of this style of rock until I got a chance to work with them personally. I was extremely impressed with the amount of talent and drive that these guys had and the amount of effort they put into their work. Recently, they all picked up their lives in State College, PA to pursue their music careers professionally in LA. They are on the right track and I am definitely a fan, plus my homeboy Steve is going crazy on the drums.

Check out Hopes High now, so you can be a prick and tell people you been knew about them before they were famous.

King Dreams – If Tomorrow Never Comes

King Dreams, the name says a couple of things to me. He wants to be seen as the king of his dreams, or he has dreams of being a king. Either way, the duality of this rapper/producer seems to be a theme that manifests itself multiple times in “If Tomorrow Never Comes”. The mixtape is a compilation of some club songs, radio ready hits, and more emotional tracks, where the club songs will have some lyrics of affection and vulnerability, and the emotional tracks, sprinkled with braggadocio. Overall, a great mixtape with dope production, just in time for the summer.

Download If Tomorrow Never Comes.

King Dreams – The King (Intro) / Can You Stand The Rain

Mister Five O’Clock – Pardon The Interruption

The much awaited mixtape from Mister Five O’Clock has dropped.
Download Pardon The Interruption.

Check out the “Barack Hussein” video from the mixtape. One of my favorite lines “Shout out to that GR (Grand Rapids), Trooper, call me VR” haha.

Pardon The Interruption on June 1st

I first introduced you to Mr. 5 O’Clock back in January with the video I directed for his track “Cool Kidd” off of the tape. This week, I got the privilege to get a pre-listen of this Motor City lyricist’s upcoming mixtape, Pardon The Interruption. It sounds like what a mixtape should sound like; a compilation of songs, not necessarily related, but all very appealing, spanning several topics and genres, showing his versatility as not just a rapper, but as an artist. Really dope work.

Keep an eye out for the link on June 1st, 2011.

Here’s “Cool Kidd” in case you missed it.

Kane – Catch The Sun ft. Lyrical VanGogh and Jaja Gibore

Kane recruits Lyrical VanGogh and Jaja Gibore in his ode to Mary Jane. Kane came to me with the concept of the song along with ideas for the video; I loved both and then took it from there. Here’s the result.

B Way – Loud ft. Altez, Es. K, and Nells

Just in time for 4/20, Kloqwork’s finest lend you an ill song (and video) to rock to while you’re enjoying the holiday. Off of B Way’s upcoming mixtape 4:15.

Nells on the visuals.

Italian TV Show Features #518 Businesses, Kings of Culture Studio

So apparently this past winter, Domenico Nesci visited the Capital Region for an episode of his Italian TV show, “Living In America”. Watch as Nesci visits local businesses including Richter’s on Central Ave to get a “rapper look”, gets a haircut at Enother Blessing in Troy, and even lays down some rap vocals at Kings of Culture’s studio. It was really great seeing Kings of Culture on there because I just recently began collaborating with their immensely creative team.

This is a great look for the Capital Region.

Check it out here.

Screenshot from the show.

Airline Jay – Almost Forgot My Denim

A very well executed verse from Airline Jay and video directed by Erikson Corniel & Michael Mejia. The contrasting colors of orange and blue paint Albany in a new light, a more favorable one. Airline Jays mixtape, “Almost Famous” drops soon.

AirlineJay – Almost Forgot My Denim from AirlineJay TV on Vimeo.

Big K.R.I.T. “Dreamin”

We now have sweet visuals to go along with the introspective lyrics, and smooth flow that Big K.R.I.T. delivers over his latest single “Dreamin”. My favorite line: “I don’t rap about dope nor did I sell it, I guess the story of a country boy just ain’t compelling.”

His mixtape Return of 4Eva which was slated to drop this past Tuesday has now been pushed back to Monday, March 28. It will be entirely produced, mixed and mastered by Big K.R.I.T. Now that’s definitely compelling.

Ses da Great and Intell Hazefield Performance

Chances are you weren’t at RPI’s fashion show this year to see this, so you can check it out here. Ses da Great and Intell Hazefield perform “They Love Me” off of that Live Great mixtape. It doesn’t have the best sound quality, but you can pick up the mixtape at to get a full understanding of the fun, often hilarious lyrics in this track.

Distant Relatives, Patience and Studio footage

Shame on me for two reasons. One, for not yet owning this album, and two for not knowing Damian Marley is a supremely gifted producer. I bought Welcome to Jamrock when it came out in ’06, and loved it, but I guess I skipped the credits.

The new video for “Patience” is like Kanye’s “Power” on “a hundred thousand trillion”. The lyrics in this song are top notch, but Marley slightly outshines Nas in this one. Shout out to Kwamizzle over at dundemworld for putting me on to this video. Also check out studio footage of Jr. Gong and God’s son below the music video.

Distant Relatives in the studio: Damian “Jr. Gong” Mar

Damian Jr Gong Marley | Myspace Music Videos

J Dilla Donuts Cover

The iconic cover of Donuts, portraying an authentic expression from J Dilla, is a still from MED’s video “Push”. This is raw footage of the video, directed by Andrew Gura. It’s fun to pause it to see if you can get the exact frame of the cover. via Crate Kings.

Dilla Donuts from andrew gura on Vimeo.

Ses Da Great – Shining Down

Ses Da Great gives you another lyrical jewel off of his triumphant Live Great mixtape, dropping later today. Watch in HD. Video directed by yours truly.

For more music from Ses Da Great visit

Mr. 5 O’Clock – Cool Kidd

He has a distinctive voice that slices through a beat like a hot knife through butter. Detroit, Michigan’s own, Mr. 5 O’Clock drops some cold rhymes while recording this video in chilly Upstate, NY. Directed by yours truly.

Mr. 5 O’Clock

A-1 Samples Your Favorite Childhood Shows

The A-1 I’m talking about is not a sauce you use to smother your steak senseless. He is a 20-something-year-old rapper out of San Francisco who pays homage to his favorite childhood shows by sampling some of the theme songs and raps over them. And they’re actually good! I haven’t checked out the mixtape yet, but if it’s as good as these two tracks I just heard, then it’s definitely going into rotation on my playlist. Big ups for A-1 flipping the Pokemon theme song.

Download his album “After School Special” here.

Eminem signs Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse


With all of the moves from labels like Young Money, Roc Nation, and G.O.O.D. Music, the music industry is reminiscent of the NBA power trades (Orlando, Miami). Shady/Aftermath may have been feeling the heat from their competition. This signing involves acts from all over the country. Slaughterhouse (Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, and Royce 5’9″) locks down the West, Midwest and the East and with Yelawolf, they seize some representation in the South. This sounds like a good thing for hip hop. Hopefully we’ll see some more lyricism hitting the mainstream soon.

Slaughterhouse is a self-proclaimed hip hop Voltron, with lyricists that shine individually, but are a force more powerful than ever when they get together on a track. They have been steadily building a cult-like following of hip hop heads who desire raw tracks where complexity in concepts, flow and overall lyricism take the front seat.

Yelawolf is known for his distinctive, scratchy, high pitched ‘Bama drawl delivered through a quick, rhythmic flow that contrasts perfectly with trunk rattling, menacing beats. He’s been touring around with the likes of Wiz Khalifa,”Waken Baken,” and Kid Cudi. Check out his mixtape “Trunk Muzik”.


Hand Gunz High – Start It Up Freestyle ft. Kass Crook

Hand Gunz High release their 2nd music video. This time it’s over Lloyd Bank’s instrumental “Start It Up”. Topics include… Humphrey Bogart, “Kid Dynamite”, politics vs. strippers, and all types of hood matters. Look out for their mixtape “By Any Means”, releasing on February 6. #LyricsStillMatter

Don’t Try This At Home! (nor the underbelly of NYC)

But then again, I’m sure someone told Urban Historian, Steve Duncan, and Indie Filmmaker, Andrew Wonder the same exact thing. Thank God they didn’t take heed or we wouldn’t have this awesome short film giving us a glimpse into some unique, secret locations in NYC without risking being arrested, seriously injured or even death. Steve knows his stuff, but Andrew also gets a lot of credit for being able to film under volatile situations while running, squeezing through manholes (ayo), scaling a bridge, and watching out for the rollers.

Must watch.

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

Money can’t motivate you in jobs requiring brain power

If you think you’re fairly smart and you want to be successful in the business world, then you must have a sense of autonomy, not from the control of the government, but from the control of money. It is a horrible motivator. You need to have a purpose driven by passion, not money. These statements are backed some interesting studies done with students at M.I.T. and then with laborers in India. The clever illustration work supremely adds more clarity and comprehensiveness to the ideals being introduced.

Very insightful, especially for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Ain’t Nothin’ Change by Ses Da Great

Ses Da Great is emerging as the voice of a small city (<30,000) in the middle of the Catskills whose violent crime rate doubles that of New York City’s. Before meeting this artist, all I knew about Newburgh, NY was that it was located somewhere in between Albany and NYC, and Orange County Choppers was filmed around there. “Ain’t Nothin’ Change” will drop you right into to the heart of Newburgh’s hood as Ses lends his people a message as strong as the voice delivering it. He channels the spirits of revolutionaries of the past with his socially conscious rhymes, conveying a message of  “unity, triumph, non-violence, and respect for life” as well as raises awareness for the problems present in his hometown. This particular song is on his Star Power mixtape, a culmination of songs, creatively linked together by Mario samples, which each touch on different parts of his personality

Recently, I got a sneak preview of Ses Da Great’s latest project, Live Great. This project is different. It’s Hip Hop self help. The lyrics and production paint vivid imagery and depict Ses as a superhero to the hood, a divine entity, dropping lyrical nourishment to the masses starved by mainstream music. I’m excited for this release and I’ll be sure to have the link here on when it drops in February.

They say be the change you want to see and Ses is a symbol of the success anyone can achieve, emanating a positive light that could be seen by all of Newburgh and eventually the world.