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Beatmakers To Spar At Producers Faceoff

Thursday, October 27th marks the date of the next beat battle in the Producers Faceoff series at Albany’s own, Linda Performing Arts Center. This time, there are 16 producers going mano-a-mano in a 4 round, single elimination style tournament. From what I hear, there are some major contenders this time around. Make sure you don’t miss this one.

Italian TV Show Features #518 Businesses, Kings of Culture Studio

So apparently this past winter, Domenico Nesci visited the Capital Region for an episode of his Italian TV show, “Living In America”. Watch as Nesci visits local businesses including Richter’s on Central Ave to get a “rapper look”, gets a haircut at Enother Blessing in Troy, and even lays down some rap vocals at Kings of Culture’s studio. It was really great seeing Kings of Culture on there because I just recently began collaborating with their immensely creative team.

This is a great look for the Capital Region.

Check it out here.

Screenshot from the show.

The Breakdown: Gupta Gets Galleon Group Guap

By: Brandon

Rajat K. Gupta

Real G’s move in silence… we already know how that goes. But Bloomberg reports, Rajat K. Gupta, a former board member of the Goldman Sachs Group Inc., is being sued by U.S. regulators for passing on inside information to Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam. In other words, Gupta leaked valuable company information to one business partner which led to $18 million in profits for the Galleon Group and others. Inside information is details about a company known by owners, partners, directors etc., which has not been released to the public. This information can include anything from company’s earnings for the passing quarter, to the CEO’s new coke habit. Such information in the right hands can be used by investors to reap enormous future profits, or can help them avoid losing all they invested.

The problem with inside information is it provides and unfair advantage in a market that is driven by news and speculation. Trading based off inside information is illegal; however, if this information is passed on and no action is taken, there has been no violation. You might remember hearing about a similar case in 2003, when Martha Stewart was convicted and sentenced to 5 months in jail for insider trading. In each case, the information was used and therefore warrants punitive action.

Gupta is said to have leaked the info about Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s $5 billion investment in Goldman Sachs Group Inc. , and some quarterly earnings to Rajaratnam prior to the public. These deals drove the stock price up making the involved players a nice profit.

Gupta denies the whole thing of course. Claiming the charges are baseless and that he lost his $10 million investment on the very same deals. The SEC, who regulates the markets, says it will proceed with administrative proceedings to determine if Gupta will face any fines or other legal penalties. If convicted, Gupta may have to repay up to 3 times the profits.

So how should you feel about this? Another Wall Street scandal means more reform for the finance world and better protection of our money. The money supply in circulation is finite, and in the race to stack as much as we can, we must ALL play fair.

New Section: The Breakdown

I don’t like reading the Wall Street Journal and I despise watching sensational political commentators, right or left wing. I could do what many other people do and just dismiss it all as secret societies, Illuminati, or “The Man” just trying to bring a brother down, but I’ll just humble myself and say I don’t understand much about what’s going on with the economy or politics. Well, I’m in luck! I have friends who love this stuff. This new section will break down current events in today’s economic and political world for me and people who are just like me, borderline clueless of the lingo, but know that this somehow affects them.

Kicks > Roses (via

Those High Amor’s are f’en dope.

See more pics and read the article Clickintosh right here
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Nike Dunk High Amor

Nike Dunk High Amor

Don’t Try This At Home! (nor the underbelly of NYC)

But then again, I’m sure someone told Urban Historian, Steve Duncan, and Indie Filmmaker, Andrew Wonder the same exact thing. Thank God they didn’t take heed or we wouldn’t have this awesome short film giving us a glimpse into some unique, secret locations in NYC without risking being arrested, seriously injured or even death. Steve knows his stuff, but Andrew also gets a lot of credit for being able to film under volatile situations while running, squeezing through manholes (ayo), scaling a bridge, and watching out for the rollers.

Must watch.

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.